Macaulay2 interface for HomotopyContinuation.jl

An interface to call HomotopyContinuation.jl from Macaulay2 is in development

Tim Duff pushed a very first version of a Macaulay2 interface to his Github repo. It is available in the “Julia” branch. The current version lets you export polynomials into .jl files or call HomotopyContinuation.jl directly from Macaulay2.

For instance, the following M2 code generates the file mypolynomial.jl (I assume that the functions from the Julia branch have been loaded into the current session).

R = QQ[x, y]
f = {x^2 + y^2, x-y}
writeSys(PolySystem f, "mypolynomial.jl")

The Julia command


initializes a variable f that is a vector whose entries are the polynomials $x^2+y^2$ and $x-y$.

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